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We campaigned actively and extensively for the 2014 Independence Referendum and, in common with Yes groups across Scotland, we’re getting ready for the next one.

We need to be prepared. Ready for fresh conversations and new ideas, ready to distribute material, to canvas, to talk, to bring alive once more the hope and ambition of voters.

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Independence is normal!

Independence is about being in charge of our own destiny so we can better face the challenges and maximise the opportunities for generations to come.

Independence is the best way to materially improve the economic and social circumstances of this and future generations.

Independence is not some abstract constitutional argument.

Independence is not about flags, anthems and passports.

Independence is normal.


The republic of Ireland, independent since 1922, has far fewer natural resources, a smaller landmass, and a smaller population than Scotland, but its GDP is 23% higher.

Ireland’s state pension is equivalent to 42% of the average male wage.

Scotland’s in the UK is just 29%.

Do you really believe that an independent Scotland can’t do as least as well as Ireland?


Iceland, with a population of just 334,000 (about the same as Aberdeen and Dundee combined) has a GDP per capita 82% higher than Scotland, despite their bank crisis of 2008-2011.
In 2017, Iceland’s GDP grew by 5.1%. With its economy almost wholly run by Westminster, Scotland’s GDP grew by just 0.8%.

Do you really believe that an independent Scotland can’t do as least as well as Iceland?

Self sufficiency?

Scotland is a net exporter of fuel, power, food and drink. It’s the only part of the United Kingdom that is not only able to feed all its own population, but fuel and power itself, and still have enough of all three to export.

Since 1945 more than 150 countries have chosen independence (51 of them from the UK) and full control of their own affairs for the benefit of their people. Not one has ever asked to give it up again. Not one.

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